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Music Production

What Is Trap Music?

admin | 11:23

If you’ve followed artists such as Young Jeezy, T.I., and Gucci Mane, you’ve heard the term «Trap» used often. Whether it was on Young Jeezy’s track, «Trap or Die», T.I.’s sophomore ablum «Trap Muzik», or on Gucci Mane’s mixtape, «Trap God», the word «Trap» has been around for years in […]


Ultra Music Festival 2018

admin | 11:22

This was my second year in a row doing UMF and it was AMAZING. It also happened to mark my one year anniversary with my boyfriend! We were acquaintances who met up in Miami that fateful weekend and fell in love there. We knew we would have to go to […]

Club music

The Past & Future of Dance Music Styles

admin | 11:17

Some say the origin of House music came out of Chicago in 1981. An escape from street and gang life, house music offered temperance to the unsettled consciousness of youth at the time. It allowed them to mingle with peers, while dancing away any of their problems. Techno music, which […]

Dj Life

Ibiza Dance Music — A History of Dance Music

admin | 11:17

Music centers can break out in the must unlikely places. Take the small Balearic Island of Ibiza, for example. When people think of island vacations, they likely picture sandy beaches, rolling waves, and drinking cool beverages under the hot sun. In other words, they dream about enjoying the great outdoors. […]

Club music

Has Lady Gaga Brought Back Dance Music

admin | 11:16

People in general seem to forget that Lady Gaga has surpassed being a «pop icon.» She is an original singer who has an amazing vocal and infectious beats. She keeps getting her new music out there and keeps promoting it, she’s always got something going on, never a dull moment. […]

Dj Life

The Death of Dance Music? Get Over Yourself

admin | 11:08

Time and Time again, one of my friends will say to me, «You’re still listening to Dance Music? When are you going to grow out of that, there hasn’t been anything new in years?»… Me: «No, you haven’t heard anything new in years». «And listen to what?» I always say. […]


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